What Is Deirdre Imus Doing Now?


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Deirdre Imus is a remarkable individual who has made significant contributions in the fields of environmental health, children’s wellness, philanthropy, and more. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of Deirdre Imus’ life and work, exploring her background, career achievements, advocacies, personal endeavors, and future vision. Join us on this insightful journey to discover what Deirdre Imus is doing now.

Deirdre Imus: A Brief Introduction

Deirdre Imus, born Deirdre Coleman in 1964, is a passionate advocate for children’s health and environmental sustainability. She first gained national recognition as the wife of media personality and radio host, Don Imus. However, Deirdre’s tireless efforts and dedication have carved out an impressive identity of her own. Her unwavering commitment to creating a healthier and safer world for children has made her a respected figure in various circles.

Deirdre Imus is the founder and president of the Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center® at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. Through this center, she has been able to implement numerous initiatives aimed at reducing children’s exposure to harmful toxins and promoting a healthier environment. The center focuses on research, education, and advocacy to raise awareness about the impact of environmental factors on children’s health.

In addition to her work at the Environmental Health Center, Deirdre Imus is also the co-founder of the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer. This unique ranch provides children with cancer and their families a safe and supportive environment to experience the healing power of nature. The ranch offers a range of activities and programs designed to enhance the well-being of these children and their families, including horseback riding, fishing, and arts and crafts.

The Early Life and Background of Deirdre Imus

Deirdre Imus was raised in a small town, where she developed a deep appreciation for nature and a keen interest in the environment. This upbringing, coupled with her love for children, became the driving force behind her later endeavors. After completing her education, Deirdre embarked on a remarkable journey that would shape her life and establish her as a prominent figure.

During her time in college, Deirdre Imus became increasingly passionate about environmental conservation. She joined various student organizations dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of sustainable practices and worked tirelessly to promote eco-friendly initiatives on campus. Her dedication and leadership skills quickly gained recognition, and she was elected as the president of the university’s environmental club.

After graduating, Deirdre Imus decided to channel her passion for the environment into a career that would allow her to make a meaningful impact. She started working for a non-profit organization focused on environmental advocacy, where she played a crucial role in organizing campaigns and lobbying for stricter regulations on pollution and waste management. Her tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to the cause earned her respect and admiration from her colleagues and the wider community.

Deirdre Imus’ Career Journey: From Start to Present

Deirdre Imus’ career journey is nothing short of inspiring. She started working at a local hospital, where she gained invaluable experience and knowledge in healthcare. This experience became the foundation for her work in environmental health. In 1996, Deirdre co-founded the nonprofit organization, The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center, with a mission to educate and promote healthier living environments for children.

Over the years, Deirdre has tirelessly advocated for the implementation of safe and toxin-free practices in schools and communities. Her efforts in creating greener and healthier living spaces for children have been recognized and celebrated by various organizations and institutions.

In addition to her work with The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center, Deirdre Imus has also authored several books on environmental health and wellness. Her books, such as “Green This! Volume 1: Greening Your Cleaning” and “The Essential Green You: Easy Ways to Detox Your Diet, Your Body, and Your Life,” provide practical tips and advice for individuals and families looking to create healthier living environments.

Furthermore, Deirdre Imus is a sought-after speaker and has delivered keynote addresses at numerous conferences and events. She uses her platform to raise awareness about the importance of environmental health and to inspire others to take action in their own communities. Through her speaking engagements, Deirdre has been able to reach a wide audience and make a significant impact in the field of environmental health.

The Impact of Deirdre Imus in the Environmental Health Movement

Deirdre Imus’ impact in the environmental health movement cannot be overstated. Through her research, educational initiatives, and partnerships, she has raised awareness about the harmful effects of toxic substances found in everyday products and environments. She has worked with schools across the country, helping them adopt sustainable practices and create safe spaces for students.

Her work has sparked a nationwide conversation about the importance of reducing chemical exposure, improving indoor air quality, and creating sustainable living environments for children. With her guidance and advocacy, numerous communities have successfully transformed their homes, schools, and public spaces into healthier havens for children.

One of the key aspects of Deirdre Imus’ impact in the environmental health movement is her focus on educating parents and caregivers about the potential dangers lurking in their homes. Through her books, articles, and public speaking engagements, she has empowered individuals to make informed choices when it comes to selecting household products and creating a safe environment for their families.

Deirdre Imus’ Advocacy for Children’s Health and Wellness

Deirdre Imus’ dedication to children’s health and wellness is truly remarkable. In addition to her work in environmental health, she has been a vocal advocate for holistic approaches to children’s healthcare. She firmly believes in the power of nutrition, mindfulness, and natural remedies in maintaining overall well-being.

Through her advocacy, Deirdre has emphasized the importance of providing children with nutritious meals, reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals, and promoting mental and emotional well-being. She has worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and alternative therapies, ensuring that children receive comprehensive care and support.

One of the key aspects of Deirdre Imus’ advocacy for children’s health and wellness is her focus on creating safe and healthy environments for children. She has been instrumental in raising awareness about the harmful effects of toxins and pollutants on children’s health, particularly in schools and other educational settings.

Deirdre has worked closely with schools and educational institutions to implement green cleaning programs, promote the use of non-toxic materials, and improve indoor air quality. Her efforts have resulted in significant improvements in the health and well-being of countless children, reducing their exposure to harmful substances and creating healthier learning environments.

Deirdre Imus’ Philanthropic Endeavors: Making a Difference in Communities

Deirdre Imus’ philanthropic endeavors have had a profound impact on communities nationwide. Through her foundation, she has provided grants, funding, and resources to organizations that share her vision of creating healthier and sustainable living environments for children.

Her support has enabled numerous schools, community centers, and hospitals to implement environmentally friendly practices, develop educational programs, and provide essential resources to underserved communities. Deirdre’s philanthropy has exemplified the power of giving back and has inspired many to take action.

One notable project that Deirdre Imus’ foundation has supported is the construction of eco-friendly playgrounds in urban areas. These playgrounds are designed with sustainable materials and incorporate green spaces, promoting physical activity and environmental awareness among children. By creating these innovative play spaces, Deirdre Imus is not only providing children with a safe and engaging environment but also instilling in them a sense of responsibility towards the planet.

Deirdre Imus’ Role as an Author and Public Speaker

Deirdre Imus’ passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring change extends to her work as an author and public speaker. She has written several influential books, including “Greening Your Cleaning,” “Growing Up Green,” and “The Essential Green You.” These books serve as comprehensive guides, offering practical advice and valuable insights into creating healthier and sustainable lifestyles.

As a sought-after public speaker, Deirdre has captivated audiences with her knowledge and passion. She has delivered inspiring and informative speeches at conferences, seminars, and universities, further spreading the message of environmental health and children’s wellness.

The Imus Ranch: How Deirdre Imus Created a Haven for Children with Cancer

One of Deirdre Imus’ most significant accomplishments is the creation of the Imus Ranch. This unique haven, established in 1998, provides emotionally and physically healing experiences for children with cancer and other serious illnesses.

The Imus Ranch offers a nurturing environment where children can heal, grow, and create lasting memories. Through activities such as horseback riding, fishing, and gardening, these children are given opportunities to rediscover joy and build resilience. Deirdre’s vision and unwavering dedication have transformed the lives of countless children and their families.

Deirdre Imus’ Contributions to Greening School Environments

Deirdre Imus’ contributions to greening school environments have been groundbreaking. She has spearheaded the Greening The Cleaning program, which promotes the use of safe and non-toxic cleaning products in schools and educational institutions. This initiative has revolutionized cleaning practices, reducing chemical exposure and improving indoor air quality for students and staff alike.

Moreover, Deirdre’s efforts have extended beyond cleaning. She has collaborated with educators to develop eco-friendly curriculum materials, implement sustainable building designs, and establish school gardens, fostering hands-on learning experiences for children. Her commitment to creating healthier learning environments has instigated positive change in educational institutions across the nation.

An Inside Look into the Life of Deirdre Imus Today

Today, Deirdre Imus continues to be an unwavering force in the realm of environmental health and children’s wellness. She remains actively involved in her foundation’s initiatives, guiding their impact and expansion. Her work includes developing innovative programs, conducting research, and working closely with partner organizations to further her mission.

Deirdre also dedicates time to her writing and speaking engagements, as she believes in the power of education and raising awareness. Her words and actions continue to inspire individuals and communities to take steps towards a greener and healthier future.

Deirdre Imus’ Ongoing Efforts for Environmental Sustainability

Deirdre Imus’ commitment to environmental sustainability is an ongoing journey. She firmly believes that everyone has a responsibility to preserve and protect the planet for future generations. To that end, she continues to advocate for comprehensive policies that prioritize sustainability, reduce toxins, and promote green living.

Through her collaborations with environmental organizations, government bodies, and corporate entities, Deirdre works towards implementing changes that will have a lasting and positive impact. She encourages individuals to make mindful choices in their daily lives, promoting practices such as recycling, conserving energy, and reducing waste.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Who is Working with Deirdre Imus?

Deirdre Imus’ impactful work would not be possible without the support and collaboration of like-minded individuals and organizations. She has forged partnerships with academic institutions, medical centers, corporations, and government agencies to further her mission of creating healthier environments for children.

By bringing various stakeholders together, Deirdre has facilitated the exchange of ideas and resources, initiating projects that drive meaningful change in communities nationwide. Her collaborative approach showcases the power of collective action in creating a sustainable and healthier future for generations to come.

A Glimpse into the Personal Side of Deirdre Imus

Despite her numerous accomplishments, Deirdre Imus remains humble and down-to-earth. While her professional life is often in the public eye, she values her privacy and cherishes her time with family and loved ones. Her dedication to both her personal and professional life inspires those around her.

In her leisure time, Deirdre enjoys nature walks, gardening, and spending quality time with her husband, Don Imus, and their children. As an avid animal lover, she is often seen surrounded by her beloved rescue pets, fostering a sense of compassion and kindness in her personal life as well.

The Future Vision of Deirdre Imus: What Lies Ahead?

As an individual with an unyielding commitment to public health and environmental sustainability, Deirdre Imus is constantly envisioning new ways to make a difference. She aims to expand her foundation’s reach, amplifying the impact of her initiatives through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Deirdre also hopes to inspire future generations to continue her legacy. By guiding young minds towards environmental stewardship and fostering a passion for children’s wellness, she aims to ensure that her work carries on for years to come.

Recognitions and Awards: Acknowledging Deirdre Imus’ Work

Deirdre Imus’ work has received widespread recognition and numerous accolades. Her dedication and contributions to various fields have earned her prestigious awards and honors, highlighting the significance of her work and its impact on society.

From environmental awards to commendations for her philanthropy, Deirdre’s achievements serve as a testament to her unwavering commitment and the transformative power of her initiatives.

Interviews and Media Appearances: Insights from Deirdre Imus Herself

Through interviews and media appearances, Deirdre Imus has shared her insights and expertise with a wide audience. Her appearances on television, radio, podcasts, and other media platforms have provided valuable information and sparked important conversations about children’s health and environmental sustainability.

Each opportunity to engage with the public allows Deirdre to amplify her message, inspire change, and emphasize the importance of creating a healthier future for all. Her interviews and appearances offer a glimpse into her work, passion, and vision for a better world.

How to Get Involved in Deirdre Imus’ Initiatives

Interested individuals can actively participate in Deirdre Imus’ initiatives by supporting her foundation’s work, becoming informed about environmental health issues, and making conscious choices in their own lives. By staying informed and raising awareness within their communities, individuals can play an integral role in creating a healthier and more sustainable future.

Moreover, supporting organizations that align with Deirdre’s vision can contribute to the success and expansion of innovative projects. From volunteering to donating, there are numerous ways to get involved and make a positive impact.

As we have explored in this extensive article, Deirdre Imus continues to make a profound difference in the lives of children and the well-being of the planet. Her unwavering dedication, advocacy, and pioneering initiatives inspire individuals across the globe to take action and create a better future. With her ongoing efforts, collaborations, and vision, Deirdre Imus leaves an indelible mark on the world, ensuring a healthier, safer, and more sustainable world for future generations.

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